About Our Project

"I am excited to share these plans for our first capital campaign in 30 years to fund substantial renovations and improvements in facilities, curriculum, and programs. "
- David W. Manzo, President

Note From the Co-Chairs

We are proud to be co-chairing the Capital Campaign for Cotting School. The ambitious Embracing Our Legacy, Building our Future Campaign goal is $10 million.

When successfully completed, the campaign will enable us to improve how the building functions and enhance academic programs and the arts, build a full-size gym, and make substantial renovations to occupational and physical therapy, as well as a medical suite.

Cotting will continue its longstanding tradition of innovation and excellence for current and future students. We look forward to speaking to you personally about how you can help.

Our best regards,

David C. Cushing

Raymond Killian

Our Vision for the Future

  • Redesign and Increase Classrooms, which enhance

    • Transition, Vocational and Post- Secondary Options
    • Math, Science and Literacy Curricula
    • Provide space for more student and teache collaboration and planning
  • Learning Commons (Integrated Model)

    • Library
    • Technology Center
    • Literacy and Research
  • New Visual/Performing Arts Classrooms

    • Working & Studio Space
    • Expand after school arts offerings
  • Gym Addition

    • Recreational and team-building options
    • Student-run store
    • Opportunities to connect with community partners
    1. Current Students
    2. Future Admissions
    3. Community Center of Excellence
  • Expanded Cotting Consulting Research

    • Increased students/districts served
    • Broader service offerings  (curriculum modification/MCAS alt/PT)
    • Robust trial/loaner equipment library
  • Enhanced Medical Suite

    • Align with wellness initiatives for current and former students
    • Centralize clinical and medical services
  • New, Expanded OT/PT

    • Room for best practice, individual, and group therapies
    • Increased space for wheel chair/splint clinics

About Our Campaign

Beyond its fully accessible campus, Cotting continues to invest in its staff, faculty, and curriculum to provide the highest quality education possible for our students. By integrating highly specialized technology and tools, and therapeutic interventions to individualize education, Cotting faculty positions students to achieve their goals and shatter even their own expectations for themselves. The singular focus of Cotting’s multi-disciplinary team – student outcomes – drives every decision at the school.

The Cotting faculty has enormous respect for our students’ abilities. We focus on their potential as students, athletes, artists, scientists, and computer programmers. Our staff’s willingness to match their students’ drives to achieve puts students in the best places they can be to reach their goals. It is incumbent upon us to prepare for current and future generations by continuing the spirit of innovation and excellence that has been our hallmark since 1893.


We will construct a gym contiguous to our main building that houses

  • A full-size basketball court, with plenty of bleacher seating and room for all fans, including those in wheel chairs
  • A climbing wall, low ropes course elements, and two adjacent candlepin bowling lanes to give us additional, year-round options for team-building, after-school programming, and recreation
  • A school store and/or concession space to provide students the opportunity for work experience during events in the gymnasium.


Redesigned and increased classroom spaces which enhance Transition, Vocational, Post-Secondary Options, Math, Science and Literacy Curricula as well as provide space for more student and teacher collaboration and planning.

Learning Commons

An Integrated Learning Commons with a Library, Technology Center, Literacy and Research areas.

OT/PT Room

A New, expanded OT/PT room for best practice, individual, and group therapies as well as increased space for wheel chair/splint clinics.

Medical Suite

Enhanced and centralized Medical Suite aligned with wellness initiatives for current and former students.

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